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Parlour Manager

Parlour Manager starts with a full assessment of the milking performance of the existing milk harvesting system. This will initially involve two farm visits, where a detailed time and motion study of the milking operation will be carried out along with full assessment of the static and dynamic milking performance of the equipment. A review of the effectiveness of the milking routine will be carried out using a Lactocorder as well as an assessment of post milking teat condition. This process will be used to identify where improvements can be made and then to agree a forward plan with detailed action points.

We will agree targets for the year ahead and put in place a detailed plan of how the targets will be achieved. A follow up visit will be made around six months after the initial visits to ensure that targets are being met and progress achieved. Telephone contact between visits will ensure progress is maintained.

Parlour Manager is an essential tool in the armoury of any dairy farmer, ensuring that the milking system is working as efficiently as possible to achieve optimal performance, maximum milk yield and reliable teat condition.

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