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Dairy Manager

Dairy Manager starts with a review of the current dairy technical & business performance. This will involve a farm visit to look at the herd, the dairy facilities and then to examine the management information, including dairy costings and accounts information. This will be used to identify where improvements can be made and then to agree a forward plan. We will agree targets for the year ahead and put in place a detailed plan of how the targets will be achieved. We will then make regular farm visits (usually 6 times a year) to look and advise on technical performance. This will involve looking at the dairy herd, dairy heifers, forage stocks and developing a feeding plan going forward. We will take silage samples for analysis and formulate diets on a regular basis using our Milk Feed software. We will set up a milk forecast using MCi and then monitor performance on a monthly basis. In between visits we will be in contact by telephone and e-mail to advise on any issues as they arise. We use Interherd software so that we can access your milk recording data and assist in interpreting cow performance and trends. Dairy Manager also provides access to our sourcing services with the aim of saving you money on some of the key inputs, such as dairy compound feed, blends, minerals, grass seed, maize seed and dairy heifers. Our approach is to be proactive and to always be looking at ways we can bring fresh ideas and cost saving opportunities to your business.

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