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Business Manager

Business Manager provides a comprehensive business management service. It starts with a review of the current business including profit, balance sheet and business needs. All businesses need to generate a profit, but the profit required will depend on the level of private drawings, the amount of debt to be repaid and how much profit is needed to reinvest in the business. Business Manager will examine enterprise performance and look at the forward strategy for the business, which may include improving enterprise performance, changes to the farming system and cost reduction. For the dairy business we will look at cost of production compared to our database to see where improvements can be made. The strategic review will provide options compared with the current farm system and quantify the profit and capital implications of any changes. Once the forward strategy has been agreed we will then provide a detailed monthly cash flow to identify the peak borrowing requirement and how this could be reduced. The cash flow is supported with budget assumptions, together with the forecast profit and balance sheet changes. The monthly cash flow can then be monitored either using the farmer’s own accounts software or using our Business Monitor service. At the end of the year we would review the actual results against the budget and to see where further improvements could be made. There would be regular reviews through the year to help ensure the plan keeps on track.

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