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The new NVZ (Nitrate Vulnerable Zone) rules came in to effect on 1st January 2009 which presents two major issues to dairy farmers. Farms which are in the NVZ will be subject to a closed period for spreading slurry and they will have to have a minimum of 22 weeks slurry storage.

Our NVZ Manager service provides NVZ advice to dairy farmers to help comply with the new NVZ regulations, which are part of Cross Compliance. There are 9 Defra booklets dealing with the new regulations and a number of records and calculations to be made. Our NVZ Manager service ensures that the appropriate records are up to date and are readily available for inspection by the Environment Agency.

In addition, The Dairy Group can provide slurry storage advice and carry out an appraisal of your existing slurry production and storage and identify alternative strategies to meet the 22 weeks storage requirement. The most cost effective approach will depend on housing, roof areas, yard areas, drainage and the level of rainfall. The calculation of slurry production and storage will provide one of the key records for Cross Compliance.

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