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Dairy Nutrition

Our consultants have enormous practical experience in dairy nutrition for cows and heifers. Our dairy nutrition advice and diet formulation takes on board the key aspects of the recent. Feed in to Milk. (FIM), the adopted UK approach. We look at the requirements of the milk buyer in designing the diet to achieve the optimum return from the milk contract. The aim of our dairy nutrition advice is always to maintain good cow health and in particular a stable rumen fermentation. Cost effective diets maximize forage intake and use appropriate supplements to minimize substitution of forage when meeting diet specifications. Growing heifers are as important as the cows, as the future of the dairy herd. They must grow efficiently and meet the correct growth targets, if they are to show their full genetic potential. A key part of our dairy nutrition advice is to assess the forage stocks available, provide independent feed analysis and to advise on suitable straights, minerals and compound feeds. Our consultants will look at diet cost and set realistic targets to achieve in terms of milk from forage, feed rate per litre, daily diet cost and margin over purchased feed.

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