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The Dairy Market Report - 21st January 2013
Posted by The Dairy Group - 22/01/13 01:25PM

In this article you will view this weeks Dairy Group Dairy Market Report . This report can be viewed in our news system or by document download

UK milk production: The UK unadjusted production in December of 1036 million litres was 62 million litres (5.6%) below last year and 195 million litres below The Dairy Group quota profile. The December butterfat was 4.18%, which was 2 points below last year.

The UK annual rolling production to December 2012 has decreased to 13,158 million litres, which was 1987 million litres (13.1%) below quota. The 12 month rolling butterfat has reduced to at 4.07%, which is 10 points above the UK butterfat base of 3.97%, which reduces the under production by 237 million litres to 1750 million litres (11.6%) below quota.


MINERALS ~ new tender price down £11 per tonne

Prices from £390/t for our high quality dairy mineral with discounts for larger orders. There are 10 different mixes available (plus 4 organic) to cover the majority of situations including minerals for youngstock, beef and sheep.


Holstein semen: Our analysis of the December 2012 bull proofs provides 80 bulls which meet our minimum criteria (PLI above £150, above 75% reliability, lower SCC, average or above for legs, feet & udder and above 0 for lifespan and fertility). Ring the office for more details or discuss with your consultant.


You can save up to 10% on the price of your dairy cake by joining one of our feed groups. We typically specify six high quality dairy cakes with a minimum 13 ME. Our group cakes are randomly sampled and independently analysed to ensure they achieve our high quality specification. Ring the Taunton office for more details.


We can source a range of straights (urea, limestone flour, magnesium chloride, etc.) and the following fats at very competitive rates:

C16 100% fat; 85% C16 fat:

Calcium soap 84% fat; 32 MJ/kg DM.



21st January 0.13
14th January 0.13
7th January 0.13
2nd January 0.13

Best buys: 4.00 B/F @ 0.10ppl 3.87% B/F @ 0.15ppl       

The quota available to buy remains the same as last week at 0.13ppl for 4% fat, with the best buys at 0.10ppl for 4.00% fat & 0.15ppl for

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