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INTEL Report - 9th August 2010
Posted by The Dairy Group - 09/08/10 01:49PM

In this article you will view this weeks Dairy Group Intel Report for August 2010. This report is available weekly, and can be viewed in our News system or by document download.

Date Clean PPL Used PPL Lease PPL
9th August 0.36 N/A 0.07
2nd August 0.34 N/A 0.07
26th July 0.34 N/A 0.05
19th July 0.33 N/A 0.07

Today’s Best Deals –  Lease: 3.95% B/F @ 0.05ppl 3.96% B/F @ 0.05ppl
                                 Purchase:    3.82% B/F @ 0.20ppl    4.09% B/F @ 0.35ppl

Lease: The leasing price remains at 0.07ppl for 4% fat, with best buys at 0.05ppl for 3.96% fat.

Purchase: The purchase price is similar to last week at 0.36 ppl for 4% fat, with lower fat lots at 0.20ppl.

Grass seed ~ 5 conventional mixtures from £24.75 per acre (14kg). Also available are 3 organic mixtures from £40.50 per acre. Field margin, Westerwolds and special mixes also available.

Prices from £365/t for our high quality dairy mineral with discounts for larger orders. There are 10 different mixes available (plus 4 organic) to cover the majority of situations including minerals for youngstock, beef and sheep.

NVZ Manager service
From 1st January any farms in an NVZ should have prepared a risk map and to have starting keeping NVZ records. Our service aims to give you peace of mind and to reduce the chance of not meeting Cross Compliance rules resulting in a Single Farm Payment penalty. Ring 01823 444488.

The Dairy Group Top 20 bulls are on line at decision support on  You can now select on sexed semen. Enter your own breeding requirements and the Bull Selector will list your best value for money bulls. We can then help you to source the semen at a competitive price.

DAIRY COMPOUND FEED ~ conventional and organic
You can save up to 20% on the price of your dairy cake by joining one of our feed groups. We typically specify six high quality dairy cakes with a minimum 13 ME. Our group cakes are randomly sampled and independently analysed to ensure they achieve our high quality specification. Ring the Taunton office for more details.

We can source a range of straights (urea, limestone flour, magnesium chloride, etc.) and the following fats at very competitive rates:
C16 100% fat; 85% C16 fat: Butterfat Extra
Calcium soap 84% fat; 32 MJ/kg DM: Evopac

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